Happy Thanksgiving!

And thus the fasting began this morning– must save our appetites for the feast tonight! I stayed up late last night finishing another pumpkin pie and a vegan cheese cake. I’ll post the recipe for the cake later on. I also made some homemade cranberry sauce. I was very surprised at how quick and easy it is to make, and at how tasty it turned out. I think I’ll warm some of that up and pour it over the cheesecake before I serve it for dessert.

This morning I made vegan stuffing and started on some slow cooked vegan macaroni and cheese. I’m really excited and about how flexible and generally interested my family is being in regard to my vegan twist on Thanksgiving. All our sides are vegan this year, whether or not I’m making them! I suppose it pays to keep the refrigerator stocked with soy milk and Earth Balance. Hah. Hopefully next year they’ll forget about the bird.

The other day, I showed my 15 year old brother a post from Vegans of Instagram¬†that talked about sponsoring a turkey rather than eating one for Thanksgiving. He laughed a bit, then thought about it and asked, “Why can’t we just do both?” At least he’s thinking about it, that’s more than I can say for myself at his age.