At this point in my life I have found it to be contradictory and hypocritical to everything I’ve learned and have come to believe about myself, my world, and everything in between if I do no choose to adopt a vegan diet. So I’m doing it. I’m reconnecting with my food, my environment, my body, and my soul. I am choosing to be more intentional about the things that I consume. I’m doing this on a modest budget, partially to prove to myself and others that money of all things should never be the thing that gets in the way of healthy, moral food choices.  It is my hope that my musings might inspire others to give it a shot– if I can do it, why can’t you? Let’s see how it goes.

All of the photos I post on this blog are my own. Most of them are taken with my iPhone, ha.

Please give credit if you want to use them.

Check out some more of my vegan musing via my Instagram!


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